Archive for June 23rd, 2003

The ‘Crip Cap’ (In The Car) Mod

by ph2t

I’ve been doing this method on a few cars now and settled on this being my standard for all my cars when increasing the range. With the method outlined below I can achieve 10 meters (approx 30 feet) indoors.

First of all, here’s my stock MS 49Mhz with a Skyline shell and crapola antenna, it will be the guinea pig for today’s little exercise…

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Painting Flames and Graphics 101 – Lesson 1: Basic Flames

by crazydave

Ok, so I wasn’t sure how to cover everything at once, and not get too complicated, so I decided to break it down into a series.

In this first lesson we’ll cover preparation, basic painting technique, and laying flames in a single base color, and adding body color last.

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