Armored Car Awesomeness - M3

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Armored Car Awesomeness - M3

Post by frizzen »

Not quite done, but it's just not halfbaked anymore.

Start with WW2 era White motor company M3 half-track Armored Car.
I have a cannon and blast shield to make it into a T12 / M3 Gun Motor Carriage, but I'm not all about the look. Tank killer artillery is sweet, but I dunno if I feel it when mounted, may block IR.

I don't like throwing tracks in battle. Tandem axles are cool. Which brings me to this.

Not sure if I'd like it setup as WW2 fighting platform, crazy collectors plaything, or for some End of the World / Zombie Apocolypse thing.

Airhog truck type Q-steer buggy, dual cell, dual motor, full suspension. Revell body.
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Re: Armored Car Awesomeness - M3

Post by Bustin »

I like it. How's it run?
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Re: Armored Car Awesomeness - M3

Post by DarkTari »

WoW ! Good to see you're still moddin Pimp !
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Re: Armored Car Awesomeness - M3

Post by ynad »

This one MUST be fun off road :-o
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