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Post by Aaron »

Rumours of our demise can now be scoffed.

Some background:
I didn't own the "" domain. Derek (cofounder) did, about 3 years ago he stopped paying the bill or talking about it with me. Next thing I couldn't get into the Domain Registration to keep it linked to the site, and finally last year it didn't get paid and timed out to a point where it got swooped on by a domain squatter. That pissed me off a lot.

A couple of months ago I scraped together the cash and bought the domain back from the advertising company that bought it.

Since then I've bought the latest upgrade to Vbulletin, updated the hosting to run it, and finally as of last week moved all the stuff into place so the site no longer crashes if you post, look at it sideways or sneeze in front of your computer. A few user accounts and a few posts may have been damaged in the process but when you see it I hope you'll be thinking "it's worth it".

Other Stuff:
I went offline for personal reasons, some heavy and not so heavy stuff, but at the end of the day KittyKatSmack (i.e. Mrs Aaron) and I got through it all and things are on a positive move. It had always been nagging at me that my main undertaking with was to ensure even if I stopped selling it would remain up, I never lost/removed the site so within my capabilities at the time I did my best and FINALLY I've restored it!

The Shop was shut as soon as I could- it may have let you add stuff to the cart, but it wouldn't check-out. For me there were 3 events that made me walk away (asides from the personal stuff). The fact that in quick succession we had a whole bunch of people manipulate the Postage Insurance/eBay/Paypal fraud loopholes that existed at the time INCLUDING a bulk order of Spiders going Wholesale just burnt me pretty hard, it was a bit shattering really.

The Future? is back up, it'll stay that way, feel free to let others know (about 40% of users e-mail addresses are out-of-date etc) and only time will tell if it was a "smart" thing to do on my part. Or rather was/is it worth the effort :eek:

So yeah point your browser at and check things out!

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Post by Murdoch »


loved ausmicro back in the day. hopefully it'll still be the same.

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