Radio Shack HookUps....

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Re: Radio Shack HookUps....

Post by civicsr2cool »

Just stopped by the local radioshack in my new hometown and found xmod bodykits for $1.00. RSX, VETTE, NSX, Civic(blue), and some of the newer ones, maybe one of the muscle cars dont remember. They have the alloy rims but they couldnt pull me a price so Ima stop by and try to bullshit someone who donesnt know better one of these days :lol:

Also had a few zip upgrades. anyone looking for the European sports body kit with the mercedes and audi tt? got like 3 left for $1.00, along with the hubcap upgrade with the gold caps.

If you can pay me the shipping Il spot you the $1 to buy it for ya!

I bought two rsx body kits but later rememberd i dont have an rsx anymore.. so hopefully one of you needs one!
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