How about some tutorials

Want to talk about micro boats or micro planes? How about trains, slot cars or submarines? Well you can do it all right here. If it's another hobby and it doesn't fit in one of our other forums, then it goes here.
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How about some tutorials

Post by frizzen »

Work with Brass
Exhaust Smoker

More where those came from (aimed at Boats)

Another great set of tutorials (aimed at 1/24 model cars)

Feel free to add to these if you find anything cool
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Re: How about some tutorials

Post by oldtamiyaphile »

Just looking at the rust tutorial brought back some memories.

I used to make a rust solution by simply leaving screws in water, then painting the rusty water onto plastic. Worked well but these days I use chalk.
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Re: How about some tutorials

Post by sidewinder »

That rust one was good. I really liked the side pipes tutorial... Great Idea for a thread.
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