Question about batteries

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Question about batteries

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Hello, i`ve been a member a while started play warcraft, hehe
may not remember me, but i had a question about charging/discharging batteries, praticularly NIMH and NICD i use in my Airsoft gun, my cell is a 9.6v I have heard mixed things about charging and discharging, what i heard was discharging NIMH will mess them up, and i heard that if you dont completely discharge nicd before recharging, it will fuck them up somehow, don`t recall, just figured you guys would be the ones to ask, knowing alot about the R/C cars and all. i still drive my mini T almost every day hehe, i got a mamba 6800 its fun as shit!
EDIT:ooh btw i got a bunch of bit char g parts if any of you guys want from along time ago old motors lik 4.2s and those white 3.8s with the little silver tab, alot of motors and tires and rims, pcb boards, etc. some motors from that company a while back too think it was Bitchargmotors
is this thing on?
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i used to be cool
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Damn long time dude.... How ya been?

How much for the motors? PM me.

silla :D
payaso...... :)

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Yeah, post up your stuff for sale. I'm sure some of the newer guys around here would like to get some quality stuff, being they are hard to come by, now.
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