Spare Tire Mod on XMOD Truck. Tutorial.

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Spare Tire Mod on XMOD Truck. Tutorial.

Post by nascar8 »

I did this mod to my F-150 and thought you all might want to see this. I did this to my F-150 quite easily, and I am pretty sure that you could do it to a Hummer. You would just have to put the tire on the roof or on the tailgate if you don't have the body kit. I put the spare tire in the bed because I thought it looked cooler, but you could also put it on the roof or on the tailgate. You could even put the tire on the rear window as long as you made sure you put it up high enough that the lift kit tire would fit there with no problem.

This mod is recomended for owners of XMOD trucks with the lift kit.

This mod requires:
-XMOD truck
-7/64 drill bit
-Spare tire
-XMOD Gen 1 front axle.

Step 1)
Take out the bed of the truck if you are doing it to the F-150 in the bed. Or you just have to take off the body.

Step 2)
Drill a small hole in the spot you are going to put the tire. Make the hole big enough to fit the front axle you got from the XMOD Gen 1. I used a XMOD Gen 1 bushing out of the front cup to gauge where I wanted to drill the hole, and to gauge the size of the drill bit I would need. You need a 7/64 drill bit.

Step 3)
Put the front axle in the hole you just drilled.

Step 4)
Put the tire on the front axle.

Step 5)
Put the lug on the tire to keep the tire down.

Step 6)
Screw back on the truck bed if you are doing this to the truck bed.

Step 7)
Get moving, and rest assured you will have an extra tire if you blow one while you are tearing it up in the dirt, rocks, mud, whatever.
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Post by stampede_dude »

The nice thing about this is, that the wheel isn't ruined and you can actually take it back off. Most ways to do this use glue, and are permanent and ruin the wheel.
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Post by PimpIke »

This is awesome, my buddy a few years back when the original Mini-Z overland was launched, had a spare tire in the back of his Pajero and the way he attached it was by drilling a hole and using a broken knuckle (therefore just a straight pin) and a lock nut and some bushings. Though it pertains to mini-Z it also has some relevance to this tut. Awesome tutorial! :-o
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