arsetralia has gone all miniz mad!

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arsetralia has gone all miniz mad!

Post by betty.k »

we got ourselves one o' dem rcp tracks down here and we went all hfay carazeeeeey!!1!

so welcome to the "burn city mini z track" (burn city = melbourne australia)

we're in our infancy down here, we've only had one meet so far. the price of shipping an rcp track down here has been insane (1.5 times the price of the track!)

but we're up and running, any oz pimps in the hood on saturday 5th december better get their asses down here for some serious smackdown! :cool:
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Re: arsetralia has gone all miniz mad!

Post by ynad »

that's one heck of a beast.
I miss mini-z :cry:
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