what happened to minizworkshop.com?

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what happened to minizworkshop.com?

Post by Clint »

Anybody know what happened to his website. He was the best source
of 130 size motor comms/armatures. I'm all out of blanks :(

Googling I recently found https://www.shop.maine-iac-motors-rc.co ... tegoryId=8
but they have been out of stock on standard armatures for a while.

anyone know of other sources?

I did see the Iwaver I-pro motor for sale on ebay. I'll pick one
up in the meantime. From what i've been reading it's a cheap source for
a bb can and carbon brushes.

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Post by sg219 »

Check out Ausmicro. Aaron downunder is good people. :cool:

Ausmicro shop, 1/2x scale page

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