Mini-Z World Cup in Enfield, CT

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Mini-Z World Cup in Enfield, CT

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Mini-Z World Cup in Enfield, CT @ RC Madness

October 27, 28, 29th 2006 ... -final.htm

Anyone plan on attending? Go to watch or race?

I took that weekend off. I think I might take a road trip and have a little fun watchin' Mini-Z's tear up the RCP track.

Take some pics and report back.

I'd race, but I'm sure I'd get toasted and my cars are all "un-tuned", better yet, never really been tuned. :lol:

@Ph2t...Do you have anyone with Nelly's onhand that'll be there?

Edit:Just read the rules a bit closer. I couldn't race anyway. All I have are Iwavers. :bs:

Let me throw an Iwaver down. Damnit.

I have a MR-01, but its a FnF S2000 NIB.

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