Need advice.

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Need advice.

Post by nerfer192 »

(Not sure if this is the right place:?:)

Anyway, I need advice about my Rc's. I have an rc18r and an xmod evo. Both are stock. The xmod is really slow and lacks performance. The 18r is really fast and is great fun to do speed runs with up and down my street. Some upgrades would be nice though, like a motor and grippy tires, also and aluminium bumper. The xmod needs all it can get, a motor, batts, bearings, nuts, alu wheels, heat sink, and even a new body. I'm also looking into a mini-z mr-015. My question is, should I upgrade the 18r or xmod, and if neither, should i get a Mini-z???
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Re: Need advice.

Post by PimpFloyd »

I'm relatively new to RC (ground vehicles) and have two Xmods. I still enjoy my Xmods and recently bought the 2nd one during the recent sale (the sale has been extended by the way). My first one was purchased used and the steering was twitchy from the get-go but I still enjoyed the challenge. I bought the 2nd one because I botched a FET upgrade and thought a new one would be cheaper in the long run - especially at $29.99 on sale. The new one doesn't twitch very much at all - I'm really quite surprised at the performance and have a special body/paint project lined up for it (65 Mustang GT350 R :twisted: ).

I'm happy with the stock performance of both motor-wise and the only upgrade I have really made is alloy knuckles just for the dependability factor.

All that being said, most of the more experienced guys here will tell you that if you like that particular scale that an Xmod will not hold a candle to a mini-Z and you should not dump too much money into the Xmod. Based on advice I have received here in the past on all scales, I would take this into serious consideration, the Mini-Z's are full boat hobby grade products and I have never read anything to the contrary- people that have them love them - their Xmods collect dust. A Mini-Z will be my next major RC purchase because I really like this scale too.

I can't comment on the RC18R except I think ae makes great stuff, I currently have an RC10GT2 Nitro ST and love it.

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Re: Need advice.

Post by crazydave »

I will give you what I believe is an easy answer to you question. You can load your Xmod up with bolt on hop ups, and it will never be as fast, durable, or IMO as fun as your RC18 is stock. On the other hand with the RC18 you can get a new motor for $20-30, new set of mounted tires will run you about $20-25. There many inexpensive hop ups for the RC18 line that will help durability, speed, handling, etc.

All I did to mine was put in a 18-turn LRP motor, and I'm very happy with the speed. It's fast enough it doesn't seem slow in a large wide open parking lot. :-o
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