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Comparison: Iwaver, Mini X, Auldey Mini Z V2 h2h RC SMAKUP!

Posted: Fri May 14, 2004 9:51 pm
by spooky
Yesterday I said I'd put the Mini X back together for a little comparison with the Iwaver. Well, I dragged my sorry lazy ass over to the chop shop this morning and reassembled the Mini X. As soon as I put the body the on the X my Auldey Mini Z started hacking at me so I put it back together too and then there were 3 ich'n for a fight.

The contenders are:

The Mini X, Sublime, gun metal and clear rip sections RX7 biturbo, hobby class sorta, lexan body, AWD, 4 wheel independant suspension adjustable droop, toe, diffs, 6v AAA power, real servo receiver speed controller sorta. Biggest bitch is the proprietary motor that doesn't quite back that shit up.

Iwaver, black Porsche 911 GT3new kid on the block, talked about every where, needs no introduction in the hood. The only car in the test with a dry motor break in, running 4 AAA rechargeable alkalines. ( no AAA nmhi yet)

Auldey Mini Z V2, yellow Lancer Evolution, only resemblence to a Mini Z is the name its tak'n a shot at the X-mod market. Running 4 AA Energizer 2100 mah nmh.

Well from a power stand point the Iwaver looks down for the count but that means dick when you look as good as it does.

The cars have been smak talk'n under my desk all night here's how it went.

Iwaver, Mini X? ya sound like a running cement mixer half full of dry gravel. Evo, why not take that box off? Oh you did, sorry about your luck punk.

Evo, Don't put your spindly girly man German HK bastard child chassis between me and the checker little man. Are those wrinkles or a broken face on that RX7, why don't you leave this to real car wimp?

Mini X, Don't expect me to excuse my self while I take the checker I'm loud and proud bitches... kiss my exhaust.

Well, its going to be interesting folks. I'll keep you posted street walking starts tonight but the hoes already picked the Porsche fo' looks fo' sure but they want to go home with the bad boy. We'll have to wait and see what gets waxed and what gets to wack over the next few days let the paint swapp'n begin!

Posted: Fri May 14, 2004 11:12 pm
by spooky
Well, sheeeat the first round of the RC SMAKUP went to the Auldey Mini ZV2 but its not happy 'bout this at all. Here's what the Evo had to say.

Punks! That's all ya got? Pathetic bitches ya never gave me th' chance to even get loaded! Musta' scared you mama's boys some awful when I rolled out! W'sup with that? Better get your sorry asses back to the chop shop n' figure sump'n out befo I open a can o whip ass all over your pathetic boney asses.

The hoes were are all over the Iwaver it went like this:

What's the matter baby you never got out of the gate, don't you like girls? If you're not up to the fight you gonna be in for some sorry lonely shit baby doll. We like the look but if there ain't no meat in the wagon we ain't gonna be happening know what we mean? So get on back to the chop shop and get them crystals matched up honey becuz you'z gettin mixed signals and you gonna get your ass shot fulla holes 'cause you can't even run for cover like this.

Yup, that's right, the Iwaver's crystals don't match. Since my friends and I got 8 of them and they were inspected once by me and once by one of my friends I guess we mixed up the cars and controllers. Unfortuneately the Mini x crystals and controller didn't help but this may be due to the rechargeable alkalines I'm using. I'll either break up one of the Mini x battery packs and use it or get a set of AAA nmhs tomorrow.

The Mini X had its own problems since its display of prowess had the pimps running for cover it sounds like there hav'n a chat with it right now... I guess they must be reloading.

What f*k was that mofo? Is that what they call crank'n in Japan? don't be doing that shit in the hood or you'll find yourself with some extra ventilation in your skin f*ker! That was some sorry shit, first of all your off in every direction but down the street like your on too much crack! then you shoot yourself in the f*k'n foot? you better get over to the chop shop and get your shit together f*ker we got money on this deal and if you blow it weez gonna get on you with the ugly sticks and dump your sorry shit in the bay!

Yup that's right the shake out run on the laminate floor didn't reveal the toe in is not, the diff is well let's just say diff means being difficult and then a bloody wheel nearly fell off. Well it just goes to show don't hit the track without a proper shake down run lest you make an ass of yourself.
Well, I'll get some batteries do the repairs and give it another try tomorrow. Assuming every one's functional we'll be testing drift potential and curb jumping ability. Its pretty much a given after the next session we should know which one slides the furthest on its roof.

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 10:31 pm
by hogjowlz
uhhhh ya dude you are crazy. :???:

Posted: Mon May 17, 2004 11:47 pm
by spooky
Whaaaaalll! Round 2 of th’ RC SMACKUP s’ a dfrnt story than round 1! Mostly n-eeway.

To recap th’ hoes told th’ Iwaver u so fine baby but flash don’t satisfy th’ gash so th’ sisters ain’t be hangn wit u 2night! Th’ pimps afta climbn out th’ dumpster emptied their clips fo’ th’ dust settled when th’ Mini X jumpt their curb! Th’ pimps wda plugged th’ fkr but they put money on th’ deal s’they settled by mak’n some minor body mods n’stead.

Th’ Auldey MZV2 won round one by default n’ weren’t happy about the no shows. While the Iwaver n’ th’ Mini X went back t th’ chop shop th’ hoes took th’ MZV2 down town to the Romp-her Room fo’ some cocktails.

Today th’ Iwaver stormed th’ hoes corner in reeevrs pulled a beeewtiful Rockford n’ threw a sweet 2way figure 8 leaving a perfect clover leaf on th’ street right in front o’ th’hoes. They said: Ooooh my baby doll you gone done found yo mojo! That’s the shit we talk’n bout! How many girlfriendz u need to find yo groove nut?

Th’ Mini X came’n th’ hood haattt! Throw’n down drift’n donutz n’ assholes right, left, centre, sidewayz n’ backwards. When the X lights up its shit smoke be cumn off all fo’ corners! Th’ X hit th’ clamps right in front o’ th’ pharmacy. Th’ pimps be hang’n wit the pharmacists and a head chemist known as SuperBrain969 fr’ pr’tecshun. Word is they got a brok’n arrow f’r th’ X f’ it takes another run at th’ pimps! The word from the pimps was: Sheeeeeee-aaaat yo’ ugly ass got some phat speed fkr! Keep yo shit tween th’ curbs o’ yo be swim’n wit th’ fishz!

Th’ MZV2 rolled out quiet ‘zo it got a hang over r’ sump’n. It said that shit don’t mean shit bitches, show it to me on th’ track! Yo’ asses best be mobil t’day o’ we gonna grid y’dig?

The days events were curb jumbing, quarter pipe round up, junk yard jive, range runner, concrete slalom and the hill climb.

Here’s what the hoes had to say to the Iwaver at the end of the day:

Baby doll you play long and hard! 75 minutes o’ powd’n at full throttle 90% o’ th’ time on 4 850 mha Energizers on their first cycle? Honey that is what th’ girlfiends talk’n bout! Theyz too many Johnz n’ the racket who done play’n jus’ wen th’ fun beginz.

Yo maamee n’ dadee must’bn akro batz r’ suppn! How many tines you bash yo face, belly n’ ass on th’ ground today sugar? No girlfrinds edjucayt’d nuff to count that high ‘round here that fo’ shur! ‘nuff times to looz both mirras, yo wing, curb all yo’ wheels and scratch every side ‘ least once! Th’ sisterz glad to know y’ kn handle y’sef n’ now you got a sweeet bad boy look scarz n’ all now honey!

You ran all th’ way down th’ end o th’ project n’ back wit no glitch’… that be bitch’n! n’ yo pretty fast too. Down in th’ parkade, us hoes knowz it well, you be doing sum fine drift’n, 360’s and Rockfords! How many times y’ bash y’ face into them concrete pillars baby? Next time y’ best put the battery clips on so y’ cells don’t fall out. Even still it took a sereeyus head butt t’ knok yo cells out! Sumbuddy n’ th’ hood need to learn to drive better too.

You final sho’ n th’ hill climb be most bitch’n th’ girlfrinds liked all that up n’ down action that hill steeeep baby, steep nuff to roll down so that be sum load goin’ up that hill at full throttle all thoze times and you motor don’t get over worked? You final moves fly’n of th’ curb smash’n yo face in th’ ground then some mo fly’n with a body slam n’ flippn ont you back wuz spek-tak-u-lar baby

Th’ girlfrindz been look’n fo a john wit that kinda staminahhh yea baby! Yo’ best rip back to the chop shop, put that xtal back in n’ get ready t’ slide with the sisters, yo girlfrenz all be wait’n here fo shur!

Yup, that’s right folks after 60 minutes of shit kicking and a final stunt that looked like the Cirque du Solei on crac the xtal disloged and pushed in between the chassis and PCB. Once reinstalled back at the chop shop the Iwaver was ready for round 3.

The pimps had this to say about the Mini X

They be no question at all yo ass be th’ fastest shit in this group. Yo’ shit hooks up like nobady’s bi’ness! Shit yo fast an’ you do sum nice wreks too! But yo’ shit be cut short when y’ lost a shoe! Least y’ didn’t try t’ grind th’ bruthus this time fkr! Y’ wan us t’ come back th’ chop shop wit y’ n’ plug th’ stoopid fkr who fo got t’ lace up yo’ shoe?

Here what the pit crew back at the chop shop had to say about the other front wheel actually coming off this time:

Spooky, no shoes, Lugnutz y’ some stoopid mofo can’t even turn a fk’n wrench! You embarss’n yo sef but even worse y’ be making th’ pit crew down at the chop shop look bad. Y’ oughta stick t’ driv’n cept y’ suck at that too sheeee-aaat! Y’ better get yo shit t’gethr bruthuh.

Well, yes I blew it again with the Mini X and lost a front wheel. Good thing I had extra parts. You can be sure it won’t be a mechanical that takes the Mini X out of round 3.

Here’s what the pharmacists had to say about the Auldey MZV2:

Yo’ big n’ tuff but you be a bit slo bee-ach! You did some hard time but don’t loose no body parts like that narrow black ass Iwaver. Y’ found yo groove wait’n fo one o’ th otherz top go non mobile an’ then go’n in fo th’ grind! Th’ crew like yo’ style we need a tuff car t’ so we don’t be dy’n in no cloud o’ black rain y’ no?

Today the MZV2 was the chase car mostly. Running on rechargeable alkalines it was a bit slower than usual so I used it to get the Iwaver unstuck or to flip it back on its wheels I’ll use the Engergizers when we do the drag times to be fair. I may also switch to the other Lancer body I have for my dead Auldey MZV1. I think it’s lighter.

Tomorrow will be round 3 of the RC SMACKUP! Rally driving!

Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 11:28 pm
by spooky
Hello chillen's, spooky finally hauled his ass away from the chop shop long enough to tell you about round 3 o' th' RC SMACKUP! If you been follow'n this mess y'know round 3 was RALLY RACING!

You all may bee ask'n y'selfs why take road cars rally racing? Well after countless hours in the the chop shop clean'n and mod'n as a direct result o' rally racing I was asking myself th' same question... untill I walked past the little car tracks I left in th' dirt with my wife today heh heh heh... spent the rest of th' walk case'n future off road spots!

As you may know the nearest thing to rally racin' in the hood is the ol' dirt parking lot under the Pits River bridge. So the pimps loaded the hoes and the pharmacists up in their Elcaminos, Eldorados and Escalades and did a slow low cruise out there. Our contenders swapped paint all the way out there. It was quite a show.

Here's what the pimps had to say about the Mini X:

Yo' phat speed and y' AWD sure throw dirt fkr! Donuts, asshloles, Rockfords and crazy drifting all with dirt flying all which ways! Yeehaw! li'l bukroo go git 'm!!!

Those pimps are just cowboys at heart. Once again the Mini x has a significant power and speed advantage over the other cars but it is no rally car! One all wheel drift into the deeper silt litterally filled the pan with dirt. Motor, diffs, electronics, all of it! It didn't die but the pimps waved it into the pits, put it in a sweet covered trailer and hauled it back to the chop shop with the Escalade.

As usual the hoes were all about the Iwaver black Porsche GT3:

Baby doll you is look'n tall dark and handsome today y' get some new shoes? You looked fine out there mess'n in the dirt. Y' got two perfect rooster tails o' dirt fly'n out o' your ass an baby we hoes no roosters! We ain't seen powder 8s like the ones you left in the dirt since watch'n the powder 8 championships from Mike Wigglie's crib in Blue River BC. You look a little tired so y' best go see head chemist superbrain 969 fo' some juice.

Since the Iwaver had the smallest wheels and lowest ground clearance I put a set of Mini X wheels on it to keep the pan out of the dirt. The batteries dumped after about 10 minutes because I wanted to see how long total it would run on the 4 850 mah Energizers. 75 minutes total on their first charge and that was a lot of full throttle driving.

The pharmacists were wise to pick the Auldey MZV2, its the dirt buggy out of the box in this crowd fo' sure! Here's their report:

Youz hot in the dirt an' y' tough! We like that sides just thrown dirt you plowed dirt! you drove the rough terrain and made it through the gravel slalom too. Those jumps into the sand were'nt too bright but they wuz cool! Head on back to the chop shop, we got some special juice to clean you up nice!

The Auldey MZV2 wins the rally racing hands down because it could go the distance. Even if the Iwaver's batteries hadn't dumped the MZV2 is more sealed up than the Iwaver. The MZV2 motor and diff are enclosed in a box. Both still got dirty and had to be cleaned but I was plowing dirt with the air dam! It did some great drifts with dirt coming off the outside front wheel and roost from both back wheels!

Sill not the fastest but it has the biggest wheel longets and plushest travel suspension. Its also the biggest and heaviest car, has a larger motor and runs on AA instead of AAA. This combination allowed it to drive over the roughest terrain, deepest dirt and it steered well on the sandy pavment and rougher surfaces too.

It needed a lot of cleaning but it is the easiest to seal up with black tape and I'll pack the motor box with some grease at the entry points to keep the dirt out next time... if their is a next time like that.

This kind of driving would wreck all of these cars fast. I don't recommend using them in dirt like this. Hard pan may be ok and dirt with some moisture, not wet, not mud might be better sand, silt and dusty conditions. These cars are probably best used for simulated rally racing using SMALL cardboard lumps and such for a course. Think Rally course and loging road not whoopdeedoos and Paris Dakar racing.

The Iwaver is under going major suspension work for more outdoor use.

The Iwaver has been through 2 track sessions. Stay tuned for a report on those this week.

Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 9:20 pm
by spooky
Heh heh heh, just saved m'sef a sheeat load of time on the Mini X taking it towork and blowing it out with compressed air. Now I can take it home and rinse things out with my motor spray.

Add a little motor lube and she should be good to go! I just discovered The Dunlop Qualifiers from My Tamiya Isuzu Vehicross fit right on the Mini X rims and are about 3/16 taller than OL tires. I'm going to look at adding some normal shocks too to give it some softer longer travel.

Its also about the right size for the Isuzu body so we could have a really nice alternative to an OL here. I'll keep you posted on the progress. We could be back for another SMACKUP off road session... I'm thinking skate board park!

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 2:05 pm
by Bit Drift
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