Rules for Posting In "Reviews & Resources"

Only topics reviewing or comparing tools, toys, etc. as well as resources such as parts lists, etc.
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Rules for Posting In "Reviews & Resources"

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Starting a new topic
Only start a new topic if it is "review" or "resource" or a "comparison", all other topics will be moved to their appropriate forum.

Topic titles
If it is a review, start the topic title with "Review: Your Topic Title Here".
If it is a resource, start the topic title with "Resource: Your Topic Title Here".
Be as descriptive as you can with your topic title. (i.e. "Resource: Transistor List")

What's considered a "Review"?
A post detailing a particular product or method.

What's considered a "Resource"?
Typically, a listing of products, parts, links to tutorials, etc.

What's considered a "Comparison"?
Typically, noting the similarities or differences in one or more products or methods against another product or method.
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