Review: Mr. hobby clear coat & a few others

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Review: Mr. hobby clear coat & a few others


My wife just recently came back from a trip to Japan and she happened to pick up my favorite clear coat. It's "Mr. SUPER CLEAR". It's sold under three different names in many different countries. In America, all I can find in the spray can is the gloss under the name Gunze Sangyo. I used this gloss on some of my most recent cars.

For example;

In Japan, you can find it in a spray can under the name Mr. Hobby. Like so;


My wife was speaking with the hobby store owner. The owner pointed out a new UV cut, as shown on the left above. She said that this stuff cuts down on fading and keeps it from developing that yellowish tone that you can get with some clear coats over time. To me it sounds crazy, but maybe it's worth it's weight. I'll get some modding going on after the holidays to check this one out.

So, I'll endorse the Gunze Sangyo gloss, which is shown here on the right. I have to also endorse the Mr. SUPER CLEAR, since it's the same thing.


Notice it's in smaller cans.

The one in the middle is a clear coat that is available here is th US. It's Mr.COLOR super clear II, made by MR.HOBBY. This is best applied with a polishing cloth, but I've never used it, so I don't know if another tool would be more usefull. This info is coming from 2 hobby store owners.

The one on the left is another polishing cloth applied clear coat by Hasegawa. It's just named coating polymer. My wife also picked this one up while in Japan. I'm not sure if you can find it over here, but I haven't done anything with this yet. I'll get on these two cloth applied clear coats and the UV clear coat and get back with you all.

Some other thangs that I've tried are dupli color engine enamel, Shown below.


This actually gives the car a shiny/dull look to it. It makes it shine, but it dulls the color just slightly. It's great if you want something like the Fuck Truck above. There is one other interesting thing that it does with testors brush enamel. The windows on the Fuck Truck were actually very bumpy from too much goo gone that I had used to get the paint off after I dropped it on the floor with a fresh coat of paint. The Duplicolor engine enamel actually smoothed this out. Notice any bumps? Very slight right? It was much worse before. It seems to do something different with various different paints. It turned a chrome/silver AE86 I was working on into a dull grey AE86. So, I would use at your own risk with this one.

Other things that I've tried are Tamiya clear coat. I used their gloss and it turned out rather dull when compared to the other things I've been using. I don't endorse this.

I also tried some testor spray gloss, but it didn't seem to want to take with any of my paints. It kept maiking bubbles. It would even bubble up on Testor spray paint sometimes. I think this sucks for bits too.

Anyhow, just some thoughts on clear coats and what I use and what I've learned through my modding. Hope this is helpfull.

Anybody have some other good ones they would endorse?
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