Review: ZZMT Performance Booster Upgrade Kit

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Review: ZZMT Performance Booster Upgrade Kit

Post by midget_man1387 »

ZipZaps Monster Truck Performance Booster Upgrade Kit
A review by midget_man1387

Price: $6.99 USD
Contains: “Performance Speed” Motor and gears
“Turbo Speed” Motor and gears
“Racing Speed” Motor and gears
Extra Motor Clip with set screw

Performance Speed Motor and Gears
Color: Red
RPMs: 14,500
Gear Ratio: 20.8:1

Turbo Speed Motor and Gears
Color: Yellow
RPMs: 18,000
Gear Ratio: 18.3:1

Racing Speed Motor and Gears
Color: Orange
RPMs: 21,000
Gear Ratio: 16.2:1

On-Road: Which do I choose?
Okay, so you’ve got a good patch of thin carpet, or another non-bumpy surface in front of you. You’re looking for a lot of speed, right? The Speed Booster Set has just the right motor and gear combination for you. Although the acceleration is slower than the other motors, the top speed of the orange motor and gearset beats the rest.

Off-Road: Which do I pick?
For your offroading adventure, you can use either the red or the yellow motors. If your course requires more torque, use the red motor and gears. If you can use more speed, go for the yellow motor and gears. Both have an impressive balance of speed and torque, but yellow offers a slight bit more speed than torque and red offers more torque than speed. So it all depends on your wants/needs.

Overall Value
Out of 10 points, I would give the ZipZaps Monster Truck Speed Booster Set a 9/10. The extra motor clip seems unnecessary, and I think $6.99 is just a little bit too high of a price. If they dropped the price $2 it’d be a perfect buy! But it gets a solid 9 because it contains a motor for your every need!
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Post by micromatch »

yea i too have abouit 3 of those kits... i quad celled my mt and now i use the stock will climb any thing! i took it in 1 1/4 inch rock and just went so smooth and straight it was in credible. i made for a budy of mine also and he ended up driving it in the rain and it still worked (man did he luck out) this thing spits sand about 3 inches into the airs with orange stuff
is this thing on?
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