Reveiw: 7 cell Hump Tenergy 3500mah packs from All-battery

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Reveiw: 7 cell Hump Tenergy 3500mah packs from All-battery

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7 cell Hump Tenergy 3500mah packs

I like the feel of running 7 cells thru my truck, Prometheus, so I went in search of some reasonable 7 cell hump packs. This is what I found...

I got 2 packs on Ebay from the vendor "all-battery".

$22.00 + $8.50 S&H =$30.50!!!!!!! for (2) 7 cell 3500mah packs!!!

The ad stated 3000mah, but when they arrived, they were 3500mah!!

Awesome deal.

The packs offer a nice punch and charge well. The only down side to the packs is that the wire leads are a bit stiff, will need replaced over time and useage, and the crappy Tamiya plugs. When the hell are companies going to learn that those suck? USE DEAN's plugs!!!



I also got a 8 cell AAA/AA charger for nimh and nicd cells for $11.99 + $4.00 S&H from them. (second item was only $4 for S&H)

Great charger for your TX batts and for your AAA for your 1:2x scale rides!!!

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