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Post by eddy »

How can I get my Xmods Micro to handle better Besides better tires( Low Skill Level)
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Post by sidewinder »

There's not a lot to be done. Since they have solid rear ends and no real suspension on the front they're not what you would call adjustable. But, there are two things that I have have found that helped in the past; first, older scuffed-in tires work better, so if you don't feel like waiting take some fine sandpaper and lightly (really lightly) scuff the tires. Second, wasn't something I did to improve the handling, I did it to make the car look better, but it had the bonus effect of helping the handling just a bit. Look in the tutorials for lowering or tab lowering...one of the two. Anyway, the body on these little things don't feel heavy, but they are probably a third of the weight. It just makes sense that lowering the weight will help it turn better (unless you were on a sloppy wet dirt track, but then you'd have to soften the right rear springs...oh, wait, I'm rambling again).

That's about it for the super easy stuff, you could swap out to one of the lipos and save a little weight. If you're careful you can drill lightening holes, or when you do swap the wheels and tires find wider tires not only for the extra surface area but for the wider stance. I'd try the sandpaper and lowering first.
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Re: Handling

Post by SuperFly »

I find handling to be mostly in the tires, and more specifically, the right balance of grip in the front and back to match the power of the particular car. If your car is constantly spinning out, try going with less grippy tires up front.

Oh, and the thing that makes the biggest difference? The driving surface.
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