The flagship of the fleet

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The flagship of the fleet

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So about two, three years ago, I joined the local flying club and started out with UMX size aircraft. P51, Polecat and a Piper cub. Learned the very basics on a quarter scale cub that had its throws cranked up to the maximum, then was given two of the polecats to finish the job. Put that sucker into the ground about thirty times. Kept at it and flew the snot out of it. Later, a P51 because I wanted something a little different and to fly it indoors.

yeah right.

Too fast for that, so it went back to being an outdoor model.

Flew that for a good while and then it was time to add something new to the collection. Enter a Cub that I converted to direct drive and smashed so hard that I never bothered to fix it and instead took the guts out for spares. That lead to me getting a UMX Yak54.

Now we're getting some fun aircraft to huck around. Kept at it and decided it's a keeper.

At about the same time, I got myself a mini ultra stick. That lasted for a good while, but I started to get more and more into the aerobatics side of things. And well, I hit the MUS's limits. It could not knife edge worth a damn. So then, it was time for something a little bigger. Enter FMS 55" Yak 54. This sucker could do more than the MUS any day of the week. But even that has limitations. It was heavy. And I mean HEAVY. About 5 lbs or so and I expected to do hard aerobatics with it on a 13" prop, even with an upgraded motor. Just not enough power for me.

That sat around in the back when the winter came about and it was time to do indoor again. But rather than use the P51 or the Yak, I built an Edge.

And that was it. I found the airframe I'd be flying for years now.

So a month or so ago, I ordered a larger edge. and I mean larger than the FMS yak. So after a good bit of teeth gnashing, it showed up. All 60 inches of it.

Three years of flying, from UMX to mid-size, competition spec, balls-out, no compromises, hang-onto-your-shit airframes.

And today the weather was good enough to snap a photo.
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