Jo Siffert-Ring

Images of tracks, arenas, and racing surfaces for RCs. Got a track to show off? Do it here.
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wow, that is so awesome! nice work :)

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Thanks for the link, guess what I will be doing on these cold winter evenings now !!

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Well then - happy glueing... :-o

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Re: Jo Siffert-Ring

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That is incredible! Friggin Killer man!

I've been gone a while so I missed this.
We all see alot of bit tracks. Most are decorative and have a decent design to them.
Then we see the makers of the track or whomever try to drive/race on it, and it winds
up having like no functionality whatsoever. Thin lanes, most corners too sharp, etc.

I race, well used to anyway, with other friends constantly, and we all agree the straightaway
on a track is one of the most appealing aspects to a good/fun bit track.
So I love the design, those long straightaways ya got there make me drool some lol.

Do you by chance have any video for this track? I'd spend the night at Dachau Camp to see that.
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