Motor Power Usage Tests

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MotorGong wrote:I just recently had this problem. This motor squeeking thing.

It's from a 3.0, and I forget if it's a MS 3.0 or a Bit Char-g Lucifer Rotor 3.0, as they both look the same and I kinda got 'em mixed up.
I can tell that the motor's performance is lacking along with the squeeking sound.

I tried a few motors in my dual cell. I remember trying one of the 3.0s I had. Could that have done it, like ruined the motor?
I didn't think so..... :???:
I've been running a off-brand ToyNK 3.8 in the dual cell pretty consistently, and all is well so far.

Perhaps I didn't fry or wreck anything, and it's just a short life span motor?
Sounds to me like the bushings are dry and need some lube or are just plain wore out. I have had small motors before make squeeling noises and found out that the bushings needed lubricated.

I have not had much experience with these tinyer motors that they use in micro rc cars, but you may want to try to take it apart and clean it and oil the bushings somehow.

I agree with everybody that is saying oil it, I mean common sence tells me it needs oiled, but then again it could be something else.
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