Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

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Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

Post by PencilNeckGeek »


My new HPI Baja truck arrived! :-D

On top you can see the Micro-T that is considered a monster in the BitPimp world. :shock:

Let me tell you that is one massive RC,I had trouble finding a spot for this thing.With all these damn RC's around.

Pics comming up....


I blame bitPIMPS for infecting me with the savage urge to buy roach sized RC!
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Re: Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

Post by payaso »

I can't believe I missed this post. Better late than never, though. how's this beast working out for you?

At $250 for just a body, these things are not a cheap date.

Lets see some vids, too.

silla :D
payaso...... :)

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Re: Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

Post by sidewinder »

I missed it too, I love these trucks. If you get a video I'd love to see it too. :-o
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Re: Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

Post by crazydave »

Well damn, I missed this too.

Are you taking applications for best friends? :-D
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Re: Hello Bit Pimps , new "tiny" toy arrived!

Post by frizzen »

I saw it, but wasn't going to post until there were better pics, it looks like it'd be a blast
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