So you want to build a Crawler, do you?

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Re: So you want to build a Crawler, do you?

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That sucks. I'm new at it as well. Mine turned out pretty good articulation wise. It can be difficult for us that are new to remember how things go back together. Maybe you can look at the other truck you said you have.
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Re: So you want to build a Crawler, do you?

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Welcome to the board. (man it's been a long time since I said that) You'd probably get a better response if you started your own thread, but thanks for actually searching for want you wanted!

the ZZ-M front end is pretty fiddly, are you needing step-by-step on the top end (steering gearbox) or the bottom end (axle) ? you like exploded pics or text of the steps?

What made your mod seem to be a FAIL? Most problems can be worked around.
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Re: So you want to build a Crawler, do you?

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4x4Redneck17 wrote:Well guys im a noob here, but i love all the interest in these zzmt's. But this is my very first reply and its bad news...i tried an articulation mod today and failed. well not completely failed but enough to make me get mad and let it sit for a while. LUCKILY the truck i tried it on was not my good truck, i had an old one i decided to practice with...and basically i caint get the steering back together. Its not broke i just cant figure out how to get it back together! and most of my electrical stuff came undone and the sortering iron is not on hand...I will try again! These thangs are awesome :grin:
maybe this will help for your board

you say this is not your good truck .....can you figure out how its ment to be from your other one ?
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Re: So you want to build a Crawler, do you?

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I made a new thread, or forum thang, whatever its called; since this is my business and this is someone elses forum. Please see "Articulation mod = harder than i thought!"
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