Time capacitor doesnt work on booster transmitter

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Time capacitor doesnt work on booster transmitter

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Hello all!

So, as title says, I have a problem with time capacitor.
I have 2 normal Bit-Char-G cars and 2 with booster button and two speed cars. I ordered 4 Tome capacitors from TinyRC, to change charging times to 90s. I had no problem with normal cars: I replaced capacitors and it works OK. But in booster transmitters original capacitors are a little smaller. There is no any other similar-looking capacitors, so I replaced them. But charging time is still 45s! Everything else works same as before. What now? Do I have to buy different capacitors for booster cars?? Or did I replace wrong thing? Anyone had trouble with that?
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Re: Time capacitor doesnt work on booster transmitter

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hmmm.... make a 45 second charge time into 90 seconds.........
how lazy would I be to just charge twice? It sounds like ordering caps..... soldering them in..... Sounds like more work so I guess that makes me lazy.
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