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Scene 989 views"So, here are the new leaders of the free world, the notorious bitPimps"
Scene 878 views"Ya, vee deed naaht know zat zey haaahd a taaaaahnk!"
(cheesy Austrian accent again)
Scene 7104 views"So, as you can see, or not, due to the mysterious disappearance of pic #6(dammit!), that governor SportsnJager and myself were accosted by those treacherous thugs."
Scene 572 views"Um, fellas, uh, you think you can disperse immediately? The president and the governor are trying to avoid a confrontation... plus they're punks..."

"Oh hell no! Tell those fools they gotta come tell us to our face!"

"Ok, fellas... calm down... Can I offer you one of these here tasty donuts?"
Scene 465 views"Ya, deez peemps vill not be staging any coup in de state of Peempaahfohnia vile Ah'm de guuvuhnaaah"( cheesy Austrian accent)

"We will now send in the P.C.P.D to attempt to negotiate with the ringleaders".
Scene 377 views"I was informed that the notorious "bitPimps" syndicate was attempting to overthrow the state of Pimpafornia by massing at the state assembly building."

"I got to flyin' in my Air Force One immediately, to assist the governor of Pimpafornia, Aahnold SportsnJager, at the assembly."
Scene 278 views"After being roused from my daily, um, er, karate class
by the secret service..."
Scene 174 views"My fellow Americans, I have interrupted your regularly scheduled programming to address a serious breach in our homeland security.."
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