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Sweet shots of high-end custom modifications on micro r/c.

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Scene 9221 viewsWell after all that trekking we decide to head to the local pub for just the one (i'm driving). and after that we're gonna head on back to the ol' homestead for a little bit of bit racin' and some gardenin'! hope you enjoyed me grouse adventures as much as i did!! seeyaslater!1 comments
Scene 895 viewsStruth! finally at the station. there's ph2t in the snacks car and hey look! there's bruce on his vespa! azzitgarn bruce!?
Scene 789 viewsHave a look at this little beauty! it's a speckled fart sucker (arachnogaseus vacumicus) i'm not going to get too close because once they attach themselves to you they drive their foot long fangs into ya abdomen and drain your gases and inflate themselves enough to float, using the winds to carry them to more fertile feeding grounds!
Scene 696 viewsIntroduced species are a real problem in our country, and there's none worse than the dreaded arctic feral cat (felinus stupidicus). AAAGH! CRIKEY!!! he's got us! quick bruce, punch it while he's looking the other way!!
Scene 596 views.....and here we go, good ol aussie tucker!! i hope they still got those grouse dingo nuggets!
Scene 491 viewsPhew!! all that cuddlin gave me a bloody ripper of an apetite! early explorers perished in this harsh outback climate, cos they didn't know how to survive from the natural environment. through years of croc chasing i've come to learn to recognise the signs that there's some good eatin' nearby..............
Scene 3109 viewsWhooaaaa!! didn't see this little beauty! this is an eastern bullcrap snake (slipperius latexus). good thing for me he's pretty slow and only a baby. this is their way of familiarising themselves with their surroundings! i can feel his fangs piercing my lungs right now!
Scene 288 viewsCrikey!! here's a little laser shooting ant!! lucky for me he's just a little feller or i'd never make it to the car! his laser's really starting to hurt now and his mother could be close so we better get outta here!
Scene 1103 viewsWell i just got the call from ph2t, he's coming over at lunchtime, i just gotta go pick him up from the train station. so let's go see a little bit of australia on the way!
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