Sunroof and Rolled Down Windows

by Finks

I know this is pretty basic, but people asked how I did what I did to my bits to give them that, “it’s summer and fuckin hot out and damn, I aint got no AC” look.

1st off, I cannot take credit for this mod. It was either crazydave or DarkTari that inspider me. Can’t be 100% because the insperation came from a bit that they both modded and currently gaces my collection.


OK well the most important thing here is to use the right tools. Of course you could opt for the good old exacto knife, but trust me, your fingers will love you if you use a dremmel. This bit is hands down your best option for this and many other mods.


I, like many other of my fellow pimps use the eyeball method, but if you like you can dust off the old ruler and possibly get better results. So first off I suggest dremmeling out the windows. Don’t go to close to the edge, but get out enough so that later you can clean it all up with an exacto knife. Also, pay close attention to the detail of the car so that you can get a nice relistic look.

Once you have done the 2-4 windows and are comfortable now is the time to take the plunge and hollow out that roof. Get an idea of where the sunroof would normally be and keep in mind that in 1:1 the sunroof needs to go somewhere so don’t make that hole too big. Again just take out what you need to go back in there w/ an exacto knife.


Once all your holes are drilled go in w/ you knife and slowly cut away the excess plastic.


Now go in and clean it all up. Sand lightly w/ smooth sand paper if needed.


Tada that’s about it. I personally like to go all the way and add the black rubber trim to my rides, hence the black paint but there you have it. Your final result could look like this.


This is a great excuse to hack up a beater shell just to get your dremmel skills down. That’s what I did, ooh I should post the pic of that RX7 here, will do that later. :edit: Here she is. Ask any Pimp w/ mad skills, we have all destroyed bits to get to where we are, wether it’s paint, cutting shells or melting down PCBs.


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