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Painting “Real” Flames

by ExtremePaint

Fire, mans eternal quest to capture and control the raging energy that confines its self within. To first paint fire you have to understand exactly what it is, although I find it a little hard to define its merely a very hot gas rising rapidly so the shapes should be fluid, organic and random. Using a good reference is the key to getting the fire right, take some snapshots of your barbeque after you poured in a bottle of lighter fluid, check around on the internet for reference photos and pick the kind of fire you like, whether it be hot and raging, a cooler tumbling fire or maybe a big explosive like fire they can all be rendered using these basic principles. this process is neither long nor painful! infact its a rather easy technique that is fun to do and dosnt take alot of thought, although it does take a lil bit of gray matter to figure out all the steps when theres no one around to tell you how.

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Perfect Exhaust Tutorial for Xmods

by Tuner1989

1.) You will need these mechanical pencils which you can probably pick up at your local office depot, staples, target, etc.…ducts&n=1069816

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Mosfet Mod: Where, Who, How, etc.

by CaboWabo

There’s been so many questions about the mosfet mod.
From where to buy the chips or the mod, who supplies the chips or who can do the mod, etc., etc.
So here’s an article that put’s it all into perspective.

What does “FET” stand for? (as told by Bird)
“FET” is the shortened slang word for “MOSFET”… Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.
Basically, all of the drive circuits on these cars are controlled through transistors… regular, run of the mill, low-grade transistors… People use MOSFETS as an upgrade, because they have a lower resistance than the stock transistors, and allow more current and voltage to reach the motor… getting the most out of ordinary motors AND allowing you to upgrade to “hotter” motors with higher current/voltage draw.

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Making Your Own Decals

by CaboWabo

Let’s start off by answering a few of the more common questions.

What type of printer should I use?
Ideally, you would want to use a laser printer – they print cleaner, easier, and more precise than inkjet or bubble jet printers. Laser printers print in better detail and don’t leave “dots” of ink like inkjet or bubble jet printers do. However, color laser printers can be quite expensive and you may not have access to one, so you’re left with the inkjet or bubble jet. Using inkjet or bubblejet will only add an extra step or two to the process.

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Painting Flames and Graphics 101 – Lesson 1: Basic Flames

by crazydave

Ok, so I wasn’t sure how to cover everything at once, and not get too complicated, so I decided to break it down into a series.

In this first lesson we’ll cover preparation, basic painting technique, and laying flames in a single base color, and adding body color last.

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