Perfect Exhaust Tutorial for Xmods

by Tuner1989

1.) You will need these mechanical pencils which you can probably pick up at your local office depot, staples, target, etc.…ducts&n=1069816

2.) Now there should be a piece on the end of the pencil that covers the eraser it looks like this.


3.) Once you have it off you need to take the black tip off it should pop off without alot of struggle. Now you should be holding this.


4.) Here you have to make a choice do you want to solder it of use hot glue i personally feel that the hot glue is more stable and better all around. This is the method i will be using.

5.) Take out your hot glue gun and fill the end with glue let it dry.


6.) Now you need to take out a paperclip and decide where you would like to mount it and what look your going for. a straight exhaust or a drifter style etc. you want to bend the end of the paper clip so you can keep it in place with a screw and bend it the way you want. you can either do this on the body or the chassis determining what look your going for. Here’s 2 examples:


7.) For cars that have a very little space for exhausts on the bumper you might want to trim it a little to make it bigger and let the exhaust flush with the bumper.


8.) Now trim away the excess of the paper clip and take out your exhaust we did earlier and push it on to the end of the paper clip it shouldnt take much force but a little.


Pat yourself on the back you have a to scale perfect exhaust!

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