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Mosfet Mod: Where, Who, How, etc.

by CaboWabo

There’s been so many questions about the mosfet mod.
From where to buy the chips or the mod, who supplies the chips or who can do the mod, etc., etc.
So here’s an article that put’s it all into perspective.

What does “FET” stand for? (as told by Bird)
“FET” is the shortened slang word for “MOSFET”… Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.
Basically, all of the drive circuits on these cars are controlled through transistors… regular, run of the mill, low-grade transistors… People use MOSFETS as an upgrade, because they have a lower resistance than the stock transistors, and allow more current and voltage to reach the motor… getting the most out of ordinary motors AND allowing you to upgrade to “hotter” motors with higher current/voltage draw.

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