Mosfet Mod: Where, Who, How, etc.

by CaboWabo

There’s been so many questions about the mosfet mod.
From where to buy the chips or the mod, who supplies the chips or who can do the mod, etc., etc.
So here’s an article that put’s it all into perspective.

What does “FET” stand for? (as told by Bird)
“FET” is the shortened slang word for “MOSFET”… Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.
Basically, all of the drive circuits on these cars are controlled through transistors… regular, run of the mill, low-grade transistors… People use MOSFETS as an upgrade, because they have a lower resistance than the stock transistors, and allow more current and voltage to reach the motor… getting the most out of ordinary motors AND allowing you to upgrade to “hotter” motors with higher current/voltage draw.

What does the “FET” mod do? (as told by cj)
Let me use water with my analogy. A FET or Transistor is like a valve you attach your water hose to. An water valve is basically a ball with a hole drilled in it to let water pass though. The larger the Valve the lager the hole or lower the resistance.
Imagine your Batteries are a Huge tank of water and you need to fill a 10,000 Gallon pool (motor). The wires from your tank to the FET(Valve) are like by default garden hose sized. the ones from your FET(Valve) to the pool(Motor) are the same size. If that was the stock set up you would know about how fast you would fill that pool. Now lets say we upgrade the Wire(hoses) and FET(valve) with say a Nelly. Now you have a Fire hose running from the Tank to the FET(valve) and a fire hose running from the FET(valve) to the Pool(Motor). With this way you could swim within the hour or so instead of a day or so.

How hard is it to do the mod?
Difficult. If you can’t read and understand the directions posted in our forums, then you shouldn’t attempt the mod. You need solid electrical and soldering skills.

Where can I buy the “fets” for the mod?
Not at your local hobby store. You’ll find them at an electronics supply store like Mouser or Digikey.

Who on this site can do the “fet” mod for me and where are they located?
crazydave – US
codesuidae – US
SuperFly or hue35 – US
ph2t – Australia
Micro_Amps – Australia
(let me know if I’m missing someone)

Got any information about “fets”?
Certainly, lots, probably the most you’ll find. Check the forums.

Mosfet Diagrams:

Mosfet In ZZ SE:

Mosfet Improvement (biff):

“Woah Nelly” Turbo for 1:2x scale

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