The Anti-Boost Mod

by crazydave

This mod is da bomb. Thanks for PsuedoRooter for turning me on to it, and thanks to Clyston at for posting this:

What it does:
It essentailly reverses the function of the boost button, so the boost is on continously, and you press the button to slow down. The only disadvantage I can see, is that the controller is constantly putting out a signal, so you’ll have to make sure you shut it off when your done, so you don’t kill your batteries.

What you need:
A resistor, and of coarse a soldering iron, solder, and basic soldering skills.

What you do:
First you take the controller apart. Remove the PCB from the front. Your now going to be looking at the front of the board. Cut the copper strip on the left of the boost button, the – one. Now attach a small wire from the contact on the left, to where the batteries + is going. You then just attach a resistor from the right contact on the button, to the contact where the battery’s – goes. Clystron used a 10k, but I noticed in the bottom picture(from the link above) that someone had used a 1k resistor. Since that’s one that I had around I used that. It worked fine, so I think you just need to put a resistor there of some sort, but I would stick to the 1k-10k range to be safe. Now you just need to put your controller back together, and that’s the hardest part.

How does it work?
Absolutely fabulous. Now the controller works the way my brain does, and it’s so much easier to use. I also noticed if it’s gettig a running start with the boost, the un-boosted mode doesn’t seem so slow and choppy.

This mod get my highest reccomendation, whatever that may be.

Sorry about the fuzzy pic. I was too lazy to take my controller apart again, to take a better one.


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