Off-Road Bits – Part 5: Attaching Shells

by betty.k


This isn’t really a tutorial, just a few pics of what I do to attach shells to my dirty bits. This idea is taken from the method of attaching shells to some mini z chassis’. I usually raise my shells so that means raising the shell tab on the front. I then glue some small pieces of foam rubber to the insides of the shell, so it grips the side of the chassis. You could glue the foam rubber to the chassis if you want, same result. the rear is then free to move. the rear shell tab on bit char g’s and clones hits the shell on my hummer, but that’s when the suspension has almost reached full travel so I don’t mind. Not really a problem with an enertec, as they don’t have the heat sink to hold the motor in place, they come with hardwired motors and a plastic cover. So the rear shell tab can be completely removed. I usually have to cut a little plastic from the front wheel wells to accommodate larger tires. You can see in the pics of my S2000 shell next to a stock one that I also removed a lot of the rear end to allow the suspension to move without touching the shell. But there’s no rules, do what works for you.


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