Dremel vs Hobby Knife Set

by crazydave

The Dremel has tons of uses, and I’ve sworn by mine for many years, but I’m starting to find that’s it’s overkill for such small work. I’m finding that if you just want to do something small like remove a body tab, you can just shave it with an exacto blade before you could dig out the dremel, and need to clean out those wheel wells for larger wheels? Just scrape at it with the top of the blade angled towards the direction your scraping. Sure it takes a minute or 2 longer, but the results are so much cleaner. Want to cut out a window? With the dremel you’ll probably take out half the side of the body. Use an eacto blade and carefully scrape the tip back in forth in the window lines, and it will eventually pop out, and looks so much cleaner than with a dremel. Want to chop a body in half? Well the knife set I have came with a razor saw for the large red handle, and a miter box, so you can make perfectly straight clean cuts, and using the large red handle with the knife blade allows you to safely apply more force, and have more control when doing so, than with a smaller Exacto blade .

My point? I see a lot of people that think they can’t do mods because they don’t have a dremel, well I’m actaully reccomending you go out and pick up one of those $15 knife sets you see around. I think it would be cheaper, and more useful for bit mods when starting out.

On a side note, neither is safer. I’ve been hurt by both, but ironically I had my Exacto next to the keyboard, and when I reached for my mouse I jabbed my arm, and been bleeding profusely the whole time I typed this.

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